Friday, January 9, 2009 last!!

The children were nestled all snug in their beds.....Oh yeah? Not my child!!! Our little family has developed a few traditions in our short years together. It works out very well that Brad's extended family has their big dinner, program and gift exchange on Christmas Eve, and my family does the big stuff Christmas day. This year was no exception. We had a wonderful celebration with Brad's family, then at about 8:30 we hit the road for Logan to sleep over at my parent's. Well, last year when the whole family was at Mike and Lindsay's there seemed to be plenty of places to sleep. My parents house is a little smaller, plus there are a few new members of the family this year, including Aunt Cheri who came up from Vegas to spend Christmas with us. Because of this, Adam and Katie, and Brad, Chasey and I decided to sleep at a hotel, and go over to my parents early Christmas morning. Well, Chasey slept the whole two hour car ride up to Logan, which was great, but gave him a second wind once we got there. So when we got the hotel, he was so wired that no one else could sleep, so I ended up taking him into the lobby of the hotel until 1:30 in the morning. I guess it makes for a good story. Even with the lack of sleep we had a wonderful Christmas day as well, sharing presents and memories as a family and having a delicious meal. It made me very grateful for this time of year when we celelbrate the birth of our Savior. And the Santa side of Christmas was fun too, I'm sure not as exciting as years to come, but it was a real pleasure to finally have a child to share that with, and Chasey loved the wrapping paper!!
Here's Chasey and Grandma Bowen at our Christmas Eve celebration.
Chasey and Daddy with Chasey's "Nemo" he got from Santa.
This is Chasey with Papa Christensen on Christmas morning.
And here is Chasey and Mama, what a cute pair. And what a great Christmas!!