Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chase's Surgery

Most everyone knows that Chase's eye surgery went very well! Coming out of anesthesia was hard, but after that he was back to normal in just a few hours. When we got home and finally took the patch off, his eye was completely bloodshot. We understood this would happen, and be even worse because the doctor had told us he would most likely have a herpes flare-up in addition to the redness that comes from the surgery, but in just a weeks time it looked tons better. Here are a few pictures from the big day, and I want to thank my sister, Lindsay for taking Taylor the whole time Chase was in the hospital, and my parents for coming down from Logan to be there with me since Brad couldn't get off work. But he was there with us in spirit too. Also thanks to all my friends and family who included us in your thoughts and prayers. Obviously those prayers were heard!
These two pictures were from the exam room before the surgery. Chase thought it was fun that he got to wear hospital jams and that the nurse gave him a pair of surgical gloves!
Chase thought it was very exciting that the doctor pulled him through the hospital in a little wagon! Unfortunately I'll never forget the look on his face when we got to the point were I couldn't go any further and he turned to me, arm outstretched and started crying and calling out, "Mommy, no!!"
Here we are right after the surgery in recovery. They wouldn't let him go home until he had drank 4 ounces and was demonstrating signs that he wasn't reacting badly to the anesthesia. Such a brave boy!
I took this picture the day after the surgery when we took the patch off so people could see how red his eye was!
Then this picture was taken exactly one week post surgery to show everyone how well he recovered. It's now been two weeks and he is doing great!