Monday, February 28, 2011

52 Week Challenge - Week 8

Well, this was my first week since I had to "start over" with my scale setback and all. It was a pretty good week. I should have posted on Saturday but I was in Logan with my little family at my parents house, so I am posting today. It was also good to spend some time with my parents as my dad is on a weight loss journey himself, and he was able to give me a few tips. More about that later. Anyway, my Biggest Loser points this week were 46, up a lot from last week, and I was really pleased with that, but even better was my weight loss this week. I lost two pounds!! Down to 281, but sorry to share so much, I was also on my period!! I know that can have an effect on weight loss, so I am hoping this upcoming week will be good too. Overall I am pleased and looking forward to more, I hope!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

52 Week Challenge - Week 7 - Big Setback today

Well, I have to report bad news today, but I'm not going to let it get me down. Before I report my results for this week I want to preface by saying a few things. First, please remember that I just had Taylor at the end of September. Then I decided to start my 52 week challenge the first day of January. That is a short recovery from a tough pregnancy. Since it happened during the summer, I put on a ton of weight, a lot of which was water. When I found out I was pregnant with Taylor, I weighed 263. I put on over 75 pounds while I was pregnant, putting my top weight at between 340 and 345!! Nasty and scary right!! But in the first two weeks after giving birth, I lost about 60 pounds. So I thought I was right around 285 ish, which is what I reported at the beginning of the year when I started the challenge. My first official weight was 284.

The other thing I want everyone to be aware of is that just before the challenge started I went to Target to buy a bathroom scale. A couple of things about it is that it was incredibly cheap, only $7. Also, it was analog, not digital, which I know are much better because analog are hard to read. This particular scale also only went up to 280, then it started wrapping around, which also made it hard to read, and I noticed that if I shifted my weight it would fluctuate a few pounds. Finally, it had to be turned back to zero almost every time I weighed in.

Last night, I broke down and spent more on a Health-o-meter (Good brand) digital scale. So all in all, I don't know what the problem was, I could have started higher than I thought, I was probably reading the scale wrong, or it was just defunct from the moment I started using it, but my starting weight this morning was 283. So in a way I guess I am starting over. I am going to stick to my plan of trying to lose about 2 pounds a week, so getting to 180 will take longer than a year, but that is okay. And I am not going to let this discourage me, I am just going to work harder. Please continue to support and love me, it has meant so much!!

In other news, I didn't do very well on the Biggest Loser challenge this week. I only got 39 points. That is something else I want to improve on. I am actually excited about today though. My fantastic wonderful best friend sister, Lindsay, has decided to join the Biggest Loser challenge, and she and I are having our own little contest for prizes this week to see who can get the most points. I am shooting for at least 55 this week. That would be my highest to date, and hopefully enough to get me to win!!! Love you Linds!

Thanks again to all of you, and here we go again!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Betcha can't tell who's who!!!

This is a non-weight loss post again. Just some funny stuff of the boys I wanted to share. Taylor is exactly 5 months old today, and it just so happened that I fed him some carrots in his high chair for the first time for dinner tonight. Of course I took a picture, which stirred me to look for pictures of Chase the first time he ate in his high chair. Here are my cute boys!
This is Chase, at about 5 1/2 months eating carrots.
And this is Taylor tonight eating carrots.

Can't you tell they are brothers!! And really cute ones too!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

52 Week Challenge - Week 6

Short one this week. I have okay results this week. I am down another pound, so I am at 274, that is ten pounds total finally!! That means I get my first reward. I think it will be getting my hair done. Also, I managed to get 44 points on the Biggest Loser Challenge, which is not as good as I would like, my goal is at least 50 out of a possible 70, but it is better than last week, when my total was only 41. Hanging in there, people,I am hanging in!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

52 Week Challenge - Week 5

Well, let's start with the bad news. I knew this was going to be a hard week for me to lose cuz I found myself cheating a lot! I don't know what my problem was, but my willpower must have gotten flushed down the toilet. I feel like it is going to motivate me to work harder this upcoming week but only time will tell. For the Biggest Loser challenge this week, I only got 41 out of a possible 70 and my goal of at least 50. That is pathetic. But I did get some good ideas about the sugar craving thing from all of you, so I think that may be a little easier for me coming up. Also, I weighed the same today. So I have to try to look at the bright side and say at least I didn't gain. So I am still at 275. That is 9 pounds so far, which if I am sticking to my 2 pound a week goal, is pretty close to target. It is week 5 so being at 9 when I am shooting for 10 is pretty darn good! I really hope this is a better week because Brad and I decided for every 10 pounds I lose I get a little reward, so my good friends, Lilly and Becki and I want to get our hair done!!

On the bright side though, I took my monthly measurements and pictures today. I was please with both of those!! I will be doing that the first Saturday of every month from now on. Today's measurements were....Arms 14.5 inches, .5 inch lost in each arm, Bust 47.5 inches, .5 inch lost, Waist 46 inches, 1 inch lost, Hips 51 inches, same, and Thighs 28 inches, 1 inch lost in each thigh!!! That is a total of 4.5 inches lost!! In 5 weeks I am very encouraged by those results! I also took pictures. I can definitely tell a difference, but I am more interested in what all of you think....
Front view, taken today.
Front view, taken January 1st.
Side profile, taken today.
Side profile, taken January 1st. What do you think?!?!?!?!