Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Family Date Night at the Marriott Center

We couldn't post about Chasey's first BYU football game last fall, and then not post his first basketball game too! So here it is, Chasey's first trip (of maybe many?? am I predicting the future??) to the Marriott center for BYU hoops!
I'd say it's fairly obvious where the love of all things "BYU sports" originated from around here!
Here we were trying to get some of the game action happening in the background.
What a cute little family! What can we say, we are true blue!!!

One year old??? I can't believe it!!!

Well, folks, we made it. Brad and I as new parents, and the little man himself, celebrated Chasey's first birthday January 31st! And what a great day it was. So many family and friends with us to create first birthday memories. We had a Finding Nemo themed party and fun was had by all. Especially the birthday boy, or his mommy, I guess it's a toss up!
At first, Chasey didn't quite know what to do with his own birthday cake.
but he caught on pretty quick!
These are the cakes I made for everyone else to eat. I was pretty proud of myself!!
Yay birthday boy!! And here's to many , many more wonderful birthdays to come!! We love you!