Friday, October 2, 2009

Such good examples

I feel so lucky that my Chasey and his future siblings have such good examples in family, friends and ward members of choosing the right. It makes it so much easier in a complex world to teach your children right and wrong when the others around them are being taught the same things. At the young age Chasey is at, one of the first opportunities Chasey will have to see his friends and cousins making a wonderful important decision is when they reach the age of 8 and choose to be baptized. Because of our callings in our ward, and having friends and family who have 8 year old children, Chasey has already had several opportunities to observe people he knows getting baptized. He is fortunate to have come along after many older cousins, and since he has been born 3 of his cousins have been baptized. One was very recent which is why I've been thinking so much about how lucky we are he has such good role models in his life.
Our first family baptism was Cathy, who is Brad's sister Rachelle's oldest daughter. Cathy was baptized the same weekend Chase was born, so he and I had to miss it, but Brad went. Unfortunately he took a disposable camera with him, so I don't have any digital copies of the pictures he took, but this is Cathy at the fourth of July. She is an awesome sister to all her brothers, and cousin to Chasey and I am so proud of her for paving the way for all her future siblings and cousins by being the first Bowen grandchild to be baptized!
In September of last year, the first Christensen grandchild was baptized. My sister Lindsay's oldest daughter Audrey is also a wonderful example to her siblings and cousins. I have been close to Audrey since the day she was born, and I had the priveledge of speaking on the Holy Ghost at her baptism. She is an amazing little girl!!
Finally, and most recently, only last month, Brad's sister Rachelle's second child, and oldest son, Benjamin was baptized. It was really wonderful to witness this occasion and for Chasey to see his first BOY cousin be baptized. Benjamin is a great example also.