Saturday, April 25, 2009

Now I'm the Cool Kid

I remember growing up and seeing the families that had trampolines and thinking they were so cool. It was so fun to go over and jump and I always wished my family had one so we would be cool. (For so many reasons we weren't, but that's another topic!!) So I would like to thank my sister and brother-in-law for helping my childhood dream of being the cool kid come true. Two weeks ago they gave up a tramp that someone in their ward didn't want anymore. YAY!! Now all you in the neighborhood can just come laugh when you see me jumping on it like a little kid. :) Here's some of the first shots we got the day it arrived.
Here's Chasey and Daddy with my nephew Dallin jumping away!
Dallin and also my nieces Audrey and Emma making Chasey and Brad bounce up and down!!
Doesn't Chasey look like he is completely enjoying himself!! So cute!! We are excited for the many hours of entertainment this will provide our family.

Scene of the crime

Like any child his age, Chasey loves to make a mess. He has a good arm for throwing things, but for some reason they often ending up flying behind him. It's pretty cute though. The other day I came into his room to find him attacking his laundry basket. I couldn't resist a few pictures.
When I first came in behind him he didn't even notice.
By the time he was done the once full basket was completely empty!
When he finally noticed me, he made his escape. So sneaky!!

Dedicated to Amy, Amber, Becki and our kids!!

I have such great friends right here in my neighborhood that I love to hang out with. We try as often as possible to get together and let the kids play, and have gab sessions. It's great when we can do it outside. Here's a few pix from a recent playdate. Chasey is finally starting to learn to walk.
Cody is helping Cooper down the slide.
The boys like to show us how well they can throw. First Klous...
....And then Braydon!!
I didn't get any pictures of Becki this time, and Amber was out of town, but here's a great shot of Amy! (She's going to kill me for putting this on here!!) I sure love you guys!!

Easter "Saturday"

My Parents came down for Easter weekend, though we didn't actually have Easter together. We had a fun Saturday though, filled with my whole family being here, having a BBQ, my dad, brother in law and Brad putting all new interior doors in our house, setting up a trampline in the yard we got from my sister and brother in law, all the girls getting massages to celebrate my mom's birthday and attending Chasey's first Easter Egg Hunt!! My mom and I took him, along with good friends Ryan and Becki Jones and their two kiddies, over to Mountain View High School. It was seperated into age groups, so the little kids would have a better chance of not getting run over, but it was raining which was a little disappointing. Fortunately, functioning in rain runs in my blood so it didn't really faze me. Here are some fun pix of my little "egg hunter!" Once Chasey had gotten one, he was content so I had to get a few more for him. Here's my mom and Chasey together. It was fun to have her there. And here's me and my cute boy. Such a fun day!!