Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello, again, hello...

I guess that title was inspired by last nights episode of Glee.

I haven't posted in awhile, and I'm not sure anyone misses it, but I thought I would do a quick update.

As all of you probably know, I am 16 weeks pregnant. So far this pregnancy has been less dramatic than my last, but not without its complications. For one, I have been throwing up way more than last time. That sucks! Also, I had some bleeding in my uterus, which is attributed to the placenta pulling away from the uterine wall a little. Fortunately, this is common, and usually heals itself, as it did in my case. There is also a little cyst on my one and only ovary, which of course, the doctor is keeping an eye on, as we don't want a repeat of last pregnancy!

Otherwise, I am still enjoying being a full time mom, and not working outside of the home. I do think I keep myself plenty busy however, running my dad's print business, and starting a business of my own as an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay. I am really enjoying it and learning a lot about skin care and other beauty products! If anyone wants to order product, host a party, or find out about owning your own Mary Kay business, let me know! I also recently became a certified phlebotomist, and I am starting a CNA course next month.

Brad is still in school part time, working his way towards his bachelors in Behavioral Science. He only has ten classes left so we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. He seems to have really found something he loves in Social Work, and we think he will do great things when he graduates. Brad also recently had a huge shake up at work. American Express, whom he worked for at Convergys for almost twelve years, pulled all of their projects out of the Orem location, so Brad is now working customer service for the United States Postal Service. Just within a month of being on this project he has already been selected to be on a more elite phone team, and he is wanting to hopefully move back up into a management position within 6 months. We know he can do it!!

Our little Chasey is doing very well, and growing like a weed! He had his second birthday in January, and is really starting to learn a lot. We are starting to work on counting, colors, and spelling his name. He also likes to sing his own version of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Book of Mormon Stories". It is fun watching him learn and grow. Chase is also excited to become a big brother, and he often kisses the baby in momma's tummy!

So, that's it in a nut shell! Thanks for checking in, and we'll keep you all posted on any future developments!!


Andrea said...

Thanks for the update. I am glad that things are going well. I didn't realize that you were that far along in your pregnancy. Wahoo! When do you get to find out what it is? You and I should be cyst buddies!

♥ Karla said...

Are you kidding me? Another cyst? Man, that is horrible. I hope it stays under control! Great to hear the updates! And as far as hosting a party... I will for you but I am gonna have to wait a bit. Maybe in May/June?

Candy said...

Yay, I am not the only slacker... though I am way more of a slacker then you are. Love ya!

The Gubler Family said...

I loved reading your blog. Thank you for the update. It is very sad that you can live just down the street from someone and still not know them. I am so greatful to get to know people more now through their blogs. Let me know if you need anything. I am not that far away.

Roberts Family said...

I don't check these blogs enough! I'm sorry you've been sick. With all my pregnancies I threw up everything for the first 5 months so I completely feel your pain! :-( Not sure why that part has to be included in pregnancy when we are trying to bring little ones into the world, I've thought and thought and still don't have a good answer. Hope it ends soon for you!!