Sunday, September 21, 2008


You know how when a baby is first born and till they are about 3, once they've been potty trained, you keep track of every milestone? Everything is a big deal and the dates are jotted down, you take pictures of them doing all the new things they do, and cherish every memory. Then once they get to where they aren't doing as many new things so often, the milestone memories slow down. There is the first day of first grade, losing their first baby tooth, and a few other things, but not as many new, exciting things as when they were a baby. Well, yesterday marked a huge milestone day in my family's life. Our little Audrey, first born grandchild, and niece in the Christensen family, was baptized.

I compare that to the milestones I am watching my son accomplish. Right now we are anticapating new teeth, and trying to get him to sit up for more than a minute before his heavy head makes him fall forward. It's amazing to be an observer of babies as they grow, and older children as they start to become litlle adults. Being a member of the church is a big responsibility, and one that I am excited to watch Audrey discover. Just like sitting up is a big deal too. I'm so proud to be a mommy and an auntie who has such precious babies in her life. So cheers to my Auj and my Chasey who are such fantastic little people. I sure love you both!!


Julie said...

Just wait till you have 5. It's good to write a little journal of their first year. As the kids get older they start to ask when they first sat up, crawled, talked and walked, so I'm glad I wrote that all down because having 5 kids you get confused who did what and when. If they ask, I just say "okay go get your baby book" Then you get to spend more time with them helping look it up and reading it with them. When they are older they want to spend time with their friends so reading about them together you get to sneak more time in with them. I just did that with Haley. We read her first whole year together and we really enjoyed that time and had a few laughs. Enjoy the moment now, you will wish for it when he is older, like I do with my kids. Love, Julie

Me and my Hawkes boyz said...

Chasey.... let your mom get some sleep. :)