Friday, November 28, 2008

What a joke

Even as I was thinking about doing it, I should have know better!!

Yesterday was a wonderful Thanksgiving for the Bowen family. We went up to Taylorsville to my sister Lindsay's house. My whole family was there. Lindsay, Mike and their four adorable kids. Adam and his wifey Katie, my parents, and Samantha and her good friend Trevor Peterson. We had a fun day playing, talking, watching movies, and getting food ready. A bunch of us even went on a walk to the school playground.

Well, as we were heading up there, I grabbed our paper so Brad and I could look through it and decide if there were any early morning Black Friday sales we wanted to check out. The only one that really looked worth it was Walmart. SO NOT WORTH IT!!!! In case any of you haven't learned this the hard way yet, Black Friday sales suck!! It doesn't matter how fantastic of a sale it is, your sanity is not worth the sacrifice!

The sale at Walmart started at 5 this morning, so I set my alarm for 4. But at 3:54 my even more trusty alarm named Chasey went off. So I got up, fed Chasey, put him back to sleep, and left for Walmart at 4:45. Even though I knew I was "late" considering I'm sure people were there at like 3, I figured it couldn't be too bad. Refer now to my title of this post. "WHAT A JOKE"

Even though it took me 10 minutes just to find a parking spot, I thought I would still give it a try, but as soon as I got inside I realized just what I was in for. It was 5 after, and people were already in line all the way across the front of the store, going all the way down to the pet section. When I got to the electronics section, and saw at least 200 people pawing their way through the big sale items, and tons of sale DVD's, I called Brad and started complaining. All he could do was laugh, because he was the smart one, who didn't venture out. As I continued my way around the perimeter of the store, I kept realizing how stupid I was to even be there.

Finally I left, and I swear I was on the verge of a panic attack. By the time I got home and back in my warm bed at 5:45, it felt like the longest, most wasted hour of my life. I commend all of you who are brave enough to fight your way through Black Friday sales, but I will NEVER do it again!!!


Julie said...

Caradon you need to come with me, my mom and my sisters. We had so much fun. We hardly buy anything, we go to watch crazy people and laugh and laugh. Read my blog you will see. Black Friday is fun when you go with me.

The Jones :) said...

You're too funny...we usually go and it's great...never gone to Wal-Mart though...not that brave I guess!! But good for you for at least trying it out!!