Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Better late than never (Halloween with the Bowen's)

Sorry to take so long to get these pictures up. I'm sure you all have been waiting holding your breath, so excited to see our first family Halloween! Well, here you go....... This is when we were getting started around our neighborhood, trick or treating. Chasey looked so cute in his pumpkin costume! We went with our good friends, Ryan and Becki Jones, and their son Klous, and Ryan's sister Shauna, and her son Zach.
Isn't he just fantastic!!! It was so fun to start new family traditions.
About a week before Halloween we had our ward Halloween party. Brad and I got a lot of use out of the shirts I tie-dyed. It was a fun little project.
Here is a cute picture of Chasey playing in the fall leaves. But believe me, it didn't last very long. We were lucky to get this picture before he started crying and not wanting to play in the leaves anymore!


Julie said...

Chase looks so happy. He is so cute and always smiling. He will be fun in nursery. Cant wait to see him in sunbeams.

Karla Hayes said...

Way cute! Thanks for finally putting those up... I am been waiting WEEKS for them! ;) I saw his Halloween night, so I knew just how cute your pictures would turn out. Is he always smiling? I think the only time I don't see a smile is when he is asleep. Do you feed him those Walmart Smiley fruit snacks or something??

wendy said...

Cute pictures! And I loved the pics of him in his high chair--where did they go?

ChasingChase said...

Wendy, I can't believe you saw those. I only had them in for a few minutes. I had second thoughts about putting them in, cuz he only had a diaper on. I'm going to try to take some messy ones when he is wearing clothes.

wendy said...

Google Reader apparently sends notice of every single post. I will have to be more careful now! I didn't even pay attention to the no-clothes thing because of the chair straps and the main focus is his face, but I get it. He is so so so cute!