Saturday, April 25, 2009

Now I'm the Cool Kid

I remember growing up and seeing the families that had trampolines and thinking they were so cool. It was so fun to go over and jump and I always wished my family had one so we would be cool. (For so many reasons we weren't, but that's another topic!!) So I would like to thank my sister and brother-in-law for helping my childhood dream of being the cool kid come true. Two weeks ago they gave up a tramp that someone in their ward didn't want anymore. YAY!! Now all you in the neighborhood can just come laugh when you see me jumping on it like a little kid. :) Here's some of the first shots we got the day it arrived.
Here's Chasey and Daddy with my nephew Dallin jumping away!
Dallin and also my nieces Audrey and Emma making Chasey and Brad bounce up and down!!
Doesn't Chasey look like he is completely enjoying himself!! So cute!! We are excited for the many hours of entertainment this will provide our family.


Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

"the cool kid", too funny. great pictures

Jennifer said...

I hope you don't mind me taking a peek at your blog! I hopped on from Matt ans Suzy's. Chase is ADORABLE! Is he seriously a year old already? You are an awesome blogger. Love it!

Jennifer Hakanson