Friday, June 26, 2009

Curly blond hair

I'm having issues with Chasey's hair lately. It is so cute, in it's long blond curly locks, but it usually gets matted by the end of the day, and is starting to get a little out of control. I've been debating possibly cutting it, but I'm worried that once I cut it, the curls won't come back and it's just so darn cute!! I really love that little head of hair. Well, the other night in the tub, we discovered it's a good thing that I haven't cut it, cuz it's the perfect length for a fantastic shampoo mohawk!!
Here's daddy being stylist extraordinaire!!

And here's our proud little model! This child may have a future in Shampoo Commercials!!


The Jones :) said...

Nice...cut it off...and you'll both be happy!!! Think of how much MORE grown up he'll look :) Cute mohawk though!!

Jamie said...

I cried after I cut carly's hair into bangs the first time. She started out with tons of hair so at about 18 months she had a all one length bob of heavy hair and it was too heavy to keep pulling back so I cut it and she looked so different!!! cute and adorable but different. It will be a shock when you first do it but you'll both get used to it. Good luck! He looks cute in the tub.

Matt and Suzy Bowen said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome pictures!