Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Orem Summerfest 5K

Well, last Saturday the 13th, I did my second 5K. And Brad joined us this time so it was his first! I am excited that this is something we are going to share. We have been exercising together more often lately, and he has also given up soda entirely. We are on our way to becoming a healthier family! Anyway, my family (minus my brother this time, he bruised some ribs in a long boarding accident) did it again, both sisters, my dad, Brad and I and Adam's mother in law, Brenda. All of us did better on our times, but my dad and I, we run together, got the most improvment. We did this one in 42:42, down 3 and a half minutes from the Running with Angels 5K, which we did in 46:10!! Yay for us!! And I am proud to say that Brad, on his first, did it in 40:43!! What a stud! Here's a few pictures.
Here's all of us before the race, with an ambulance behind us, it was the Orem Firefighters who sponsored the race. Brad, Lindsay, Sam, my dad, me and Brenda.
Here's the whole family after the run, minus Lindsay's husband Mike, her four kiddos, and Chasey, who went to Grandma and Grandpa Bowen's house for the morning.
Me and my two seeesters, Samantha in the middle and Lindsay on the right.
And here's Brad and I congratulating each other on a job well done!! Looking forward to the next run, the Lavendar Days 5K in Mona, on July 11th!!


Karla said...

Way to go! That is awesome!!

Jamie said...

wow. I am so impressed. keep moving. I get so discouraged with my start and stop exercising.....