Monday, October 27, 2008

House project day!!

Well, last Saturday my two favorite superheroes were in town, Stumpgrinderman and Superplumber!! And they saved the day! For any of you who have ever seen our house, you probably noticed the gigantic stump on the west side of the yard from the tree the previous owners chopped down. They just didn't finish the job, and for the time that we've lived here, we've had that awful eye sore, sucking all the water out of the grass and growing mushrooms all around it. So, my brother-in-law, and my fabulous sister and their family came down, and Mike and Brad got to work grinding the stump (and a few other small ones) with a grinder that we rented and moving the chips and tilling an area for us to plant a garden in the spring. It only took a few hours and minor messyness to complete the job and we are finally stumpless!!!

Here is the before picture, when we first bought the house. You can see not only the stump, but also a whole bunch of the tree that Brad and other family members moved on one of our first weekends here.

And here is the after shot!! Stumpless at last, and let me tell you, we will not miss that thing one bit! Then after the stumps were gone, and the grinder was returned, Mikey came in to the house, and climbed into the crawl space to unclog our bathtub, which had been clogged and disgusting for about a month. He is so amazing to crawl under the house, not to mention he saved us the $465 the plumbing company had told us they would do it for!! Thanks Superplumber! While the boys were busy with such fun projects, Linds and I decided to take the kids to Target and Costco, where might I add, they were having the best sample day I have ever seen, and don't even tell me that you guys don't partly go to Costco for the samples!!!

Costco carts are so fantastic, here is Claire and Chasey in the front, and Emma and Dallin were in the back, so only Audrey had to walk. And we still had room to fit in all the food we were buying!

And here is all the kids together playing after we were done. What a productive, fun day we had. And a big thanks to Mike and Brad for working so hard.


The Jones :) said...

Yeah for being stumpless now and having a tub again!! I'm glad you guys got those things done!!

Julie said...

I bet you guys feel great now. It feels good to get big jobs done and eat costco sample too. That's why I go. Ha Ha!

wendy said...

Three cheers for Costco samples!

And congrats on getting the stump removed and plumbing fixed. That has got to feel GREAT.