Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rise and Shout the Cougars are out!!!

Well, last Saturday, the 11th of October, another first was to be had for Mister Chasey Bowen. As a family, we attended Chasey's first BYU Cougar Football game at Lavell Edwards Stadium in Provo Utah!!! Tons of fun was had by all, however freezing cold it was!! But that was fun too. We all got bundled up, and took plenty of extra clothes and blankets. We even smuggled in a thermos of hot chocolate in the diaper bag!! It's amazing what you can get away with in there, because when you tell people checking you in it is a diaper bag, they don't even look in it! But we really did have a great time, and we look forward to many more football games as Chasey gets older. Someday we hope he is even playing in them!!

Here we are arriving in the parking lot. Chasey could sense something exciting was happening and he got excited too!!

Obviously the Chasey Man decided to "take a break from the action." He fell asleep about halfway through the second quarter, slept through halftime, and rejoined us awake fans halfway through the third.

An excellent time was had by all! Chasey had fun with mommy and daddy, and all the people around us commented on what a good baby he was, BYU won the game, and we didn't quite freeze our tails off!! It will be another tradition in the Bowen house. Go Cougars!!!


Julie said...

You guys look so cute and toasty warm. How fun.

wendy said...

Sounds like great fun--he is so adorable!

Matt and Suzy Bowen said...

These pictures are awesome! Glad you are raising this kid right...dressed in Cougar blue. :)

The Jones :) said...

You guys don't look TOO cold!! Looks like fun...and Chase obviously was ok...he slept!! Cute pictures!!