Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tag You're It!!

Well, thanks to my friend, Julie, I have been tagged! That means I answer a few questions about myself, tag some more people, then they do it, and it goes on and on until all the Blogger world has been tagged! Clearly it will be a never ending circle. But I don't mind because I have been writing so much about the Bowen men, it won't hurt anybody to see a little more about me! What I have to write, and therefore, what those of you I tag will have to write, are 6 things that I value, 6 things I do not value, and then 6 people I want to tag. Here goes....
I value
1. The Gospel- so many times in my life I have said I don't know what I would do without it, and that is just as true today. Everyday I thank my Heavenly Father that he saw fit to allow me to have such truth in my life on Earth.
2. My husband- Brad is such a fantastic man and there is no one anywhere that would be a better match for me for Eternity.
3. My son Chasey- Talk about thanking Heavenly Father. Chasey is my little miracle, and it is the greatest blessing I have to be his mother.
4. My extended family- I have the greatest parents, siblings and in-laws anyone coud hope for. The love and support they show me and my family cannot be equaled.
5. My health- after everything I have personally gone through as far as health is concerned just in the past year, I am so grateful to be healthy, and that all my medical trials have taught me valuable lessons.
6. My friends- I am surrounded by a family of a different sort in the friends I have chosen. Thank you all for everything you do for me and my family.

I don't value
1. Junk food- because as fantastic as it can be, it has made me the fatso that I am. (You can all laugh at that, I am poking fun, not trying to belittle myself.)
2. Debt- I have too much of it, and I wish it would go away.
3. Long lines- my dad constantly points out to me that patience seems to be a lesson I am constantly learning in my life. When I have to wait in long lines, I revert back to the beginning of that lesson.
4. Snow- it is pretty to look at, but terrible to live with.
5. Non-Christmas-Season-time-of-year- It should be Christmas Season all year if you ask me.
6. Sleeplessness- Which is something I am dealing with a lot lately. For his sake and mine, I wish Chasey would sleep through the night every night!

I tag
1. Becki Jones
2. Karla Hayes
3. Wendy Dorton
4. Andrea Baugh
5. Lindsay Jenkins
6. Tambi Alderin

Love you all, and I sure enjoy reading all of your blogs!!


Julie said...

Okay, that's 2 people out of the 6 I tagged that tagged themselves. this is fun! I loved reading about you, and hope others do it too. Hey, I will just tag the people I tagged till it gets done. You can help me Caradon. We will both bug them till it's done. Ha Ha!

wendy said...

This was so fun to read, Caradon! I hope Chase starts sleeping more, too--I hate sleep deprivation. I'll be doing mine soon, but next I'm taking a nap.

Anonymous said...

Caradon, this is Dani. I am so glad that I found your blog. I love to read up on everything new.

Andrea said...

Thanks for the link to your blog. What a great way to keep in touch. I haven't seen pictures of Chase since Aubrie sent me one when he was just a couple of months old. He is so cute! We are excited to see you guys!

Matt and Suzy Bowen said...

Chase is soooo cute! We can't wait to meet him over Christmas. Zach is excited to meet his new cousin too=)

Matt and Suzy Bowen said...
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Anonymous said...

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