Friday, May 15, 2009

Pre Yard Sale BBQ

Well, this past weekend, Amy Hawkes, Becki Jones, and I had our annual Yard Sale. This time our good friends Amber Lee, Carole Robertson, and Shauna Jones joined us. It was quite a success! We all did well, and had a great time getting rid of our junk! The night before the sale, some of us got together to BBQ before we started the difficult task of setting up. So, being the amateur photographer that I am, I brought my camera along!
Here's Carole and I waiting for food....
which is being grilled with love by Becki and Amber!!
Here's Kevin holding Addison, Ryan holding Aysha, and Tyler.
The kids were having fun in the "Jump-o-lene" but Jordyn was almost making them topple over backwards!!
And Chasey was having a great time climbing in and out of the little car! A great time was had by all, but we missed you Hawkes Family, Brad and Shauna and Zach!!


Karla said...

Why didn't you let us all know of your garage sale... or at least those of us that are farther away and don't see the signs? I am sure you had great junk that I would have liked to claim as mine own... I don't have enough junk as it is. But someone else junk is always better! :) And now I have to wait till next year! BUMMER!!

The Jones :) said...

Nice pics...and way to make it PUBLIC of who all the people were!! Nice that you used our last names just crack me up. Nice pictures...and I don't see the mention in there of you being grumpy and not eating anything!?!?!? ;) Nice post though...and cute pics of everyone!!!