Friday, May 22, 2009

Running with Angels 5K

Well, folks, you are reading the title of this post correctly. And if you are assuming the reason I titled a post "5K" is because I did one, you are correct. Last Saturday, May 16, 2009, along with a good portion of the Christensen family, I ran/walked a 5K at Thanksgiving point. This all started with my brother Adam marrying into the Tata family. Adam's wife Katie's mom Brenda,(who is picture with us in the photos) is a runner, and got Adam into it. Adam in turn got my sister Lindsay to start running, and they both got the idea it would be fun to do a family run in a 5K. So they got myself, my other sister Samantha, and my dad on board to do this particular one. Lindsay also read the book that inspired Running with Angels, which is a moving story about a woman who lost two children at young ages and has two living children with severe diseases, and took those tragedies so much to heart, that she finally decided she needed to get healthy and change her life, and therefore lost over 100 pounds! Lindsay and I were both tremendously inspired by her story. I feel so inspired finally, that I feel I am ready to realize my dream of losing 100 pounds as well. This 5K was one of my first steps, and stay tuned if you want to follow my journey because I intend to blog all about it. (More details to come!!) Anyway, all of us finished the race, some doing very well, and my dad and I, sticking together, finished at all, which was the goal! Actually I did really well considering. A 5K is 3.1 miles and we finished in 46 minutes and 10 seconds, which is close to a 15 minute mile. I was pleased. Here are some pictures from our big day!!
Brenda Tata, Adam, Sam, Lindsay, Lindsay's good friend Becky Weller, Me and my Dad!! This was just before the race started.
Even though we started so early in the morning, my men were there to cheer me on!!
Dad and I crossing the finish line. YAY we didn't die!!
And here I am with my parents and siblings after the race was over. What a great way to start my weight loss journey. Be sure to tune in for more updates about my goals and progress, and to see more races we participate in. The next one will be the Orem Summerfest 5K in June!!

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Karla said...

How fun is that! Great job! Robert runs, he is training for the Ragnar race, if you have heard of it. It is a relay 180+ mile along the Wasatch-back. He did it last year and fell in love with it. He thinks I should do it too. I would love to hear more about your journey in running, so do give details.