Thursday, February 17, 2011

Betcha can't tell who's who!!!

This is a non-weight loss post again. Just some funny stuff of the boys I wanted to share. Taylor is exactly 5 months old today, and it just so happened that I fed him some carrots in his high chair for the first time for dinner tonight. Of course I took a picture, which stirred me to look for pictures of Chase the first time he ate in his high chair. Here are my cute boys!
This is Chase, at about 5 1/2 months eating carrots.
And this is Taylor tonight eating carrots.

Can't you tell they are brothers!! And really cute ones too!!


Anonymous said...

so cute! yes, they look so much alike! ~Laurie G.

Becki said...

Chase has a bigger head ;) Just FYI :) :) :) But very cute boys!!! I love comparing pics!!

Dani said...

They are adorable, Caradon!

Lilly Corbett said...

That's funny I was thinking that Taylor's head was bigger! Eh... who cares, they are adorable, and besides that just means they have BIG brains- smart kids!!!!

The Jenkins Family said...

They are both my adorable nephews. Big heads run in the family, and yes, we are smarter than the average bear.