Saturday, February 12, 2011

52 Week Challenge - Week 6

Short one this week. I have okay results this week. I am down another pound, so I am at 274, that is ten pounds total finally!! That means I get my first reward. I think it will be getting my hair done. Also, I managed to get 44 points on the Biggest Loser Challenge, which is not as good as I would like, my goal is at least 50 out of a possible 70, but it is better than last week, when my total was only 41. Hanging in there, people,I am hanging in!!!


Dani said...

You can do it, Caradon! I have faith in you!

Lilly Corbett said...

Yeah 10 pounds!!! That is awesome!

The Jenkins Family said...

Good job, Caradon! Just try not to focus on the numbers you lose, and consider any loss a victory, even if it's only half a pound!! 10 pounds is a huge accomplishment! Have fun getting your hair done! I love you!