Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dad was here!!

My dad came down from Logan yesterday.  Its always nice for me to spend time with him cuz I am a daddy's girl!  He is my best friend besides Brad.  He came down here to put in a new sink and vanity into our main bathroom, which was HUGELY needed, as the one he took out was original to the house, which was built in 1954!!  And I got to help with demo-ing the old one, which is something I have looked forward to since we bought this house over 5 years ago.  Awesome!  My dad is the handiest guy I know.  There is nothing he can't do, and that is so helpful on a fixer-upper house like ours.  He has helped with MANY projects and there will be many more to come I am sure. 

In regards to the challenge, yesterday was a really exciting day for me!  I got all ten points, YAY, but I got them without using any freebies, which we are allowed 7 each week!!  I was very proud of myself, that was a big step.  And it was important to me that I didn't eat any sugar yesterday.  That was the first day in a very long time!  Even when we took my dad out to dinner last night to treat him for his hard work, and we went to Golden Corral, daddy's choice, I managed to find some sugar free ice cream for dessert.  Normally I would have headed straight for the fudge on the dessert bar!  It seems maybe I have a little more willpower than I thought.  I just have to use it.

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The Jenkins Family said...

Absolutely, our willpower is there, we just need to unbury it from all our layers of...fill in the blank.