Thursday, July 21, 2011


I remember when I was a kid that one of my mom's friends would always respond to "I'm thirsty" with "Hey, thirsty, I'm Friday, want to get together Saturday and have a Sunday?"  Random fact about my childhood. 

Yesterday was okay on the challenge.  I thought I was going to get all ten points again, but Brad and I went on a date last night and we had dessert.  So no, No Sugar, for me.  What do ya do?  I'm really trying.  Sugar is definitely my weakness.  The thing is, I know how much better off I would be if I would quit eating stuff that isn't good for me.  I would look better, feel better, be healthier, and maybe combat this problem I've aquired as I've gotten older of spending a lot of extra time in the bathroom, wink, wink.

Today will be a better day.


The Jenkins Family said...

I'm probably incredibly dense, but I am not catching on to the extra time in the bathroom wink wink joke. Sorry. =)

wendy said...

When I went off sugar, I gave myself a time limit and a cheat date. I started before Halloween, and lasted until nearly Christmas. I allowed myself one piece of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. I lost ten pounds in ten weeks. I wonder if you did small spurts, like a month at a time or something, if it would be easier?

One of my in-laws eats frozen figs for her sugar cravings. I've not tried it, but she said they really hit the spot, AND are nutritious.

Hang in there, Caradon! And good luck! I have tried to go off sugar several times since then, and never last very long. I may try the small spurts thing, too. Or even sugar only on date night, or only on Sunday, or something like that?