Friday, July 24, 2009

Pedal away Parkinson's 10 mile Bikeride

So in addition to running lately, I have also gotten into biking. I'm sure all of you have seen my riding through the neighborhood with Chasey in his little seat. I really enjoy bikeriding and consider it my "cross-training". Plus about once a week, we can convince Brad to join us on a ride. So as I was looking online for more 5K's to sign up for, I came across a bikeride for charity, so I looked into it. The charity was the Utah Parkinson's Disease society and the ride was 10 miles in Kaysville this morning. It was a really pretty ride through a park and some of the neighborhood's in Kaysville. The ride was geared toward families so there were lots of mom's and dad's pulling trailers, and lots of kids on their own bikes. I tried to get my whole family to join me, but only my mom and dad could get away from work. So the three of us did it with Chasey in tow! We had a great time, and finished the ride in 1 hour exactly. Pretty good for carrying a baby on the front of my bike!!

These two were taken at the start/finish line of the ride, in Gailey Park in Kaysville.
I can't decide if Chase is concerned about something here, or just annoyed that his picture is being taken!
This is my dad and Chase after the ride was over.
And here we all are celebrating at the finish line. It was really fun, and I think we'll try to do it again next year!


Todd and Lilly Corbett said...

LOVE IT!! I don't currently have a bike, but next year- count me in! i love riding bikes too- so much easier on the knees than running!

Rachelle said...

That seat for Chasey is very cool! Where did you get it? I am very impressed with all of your fitness feats this summer. Keep up the good work!

Julie said...

You inspire me Caradon, You are always out walking or biking. That's great!