Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Star-Spangled Sister

As some of you know, my little sister Samantha has been into theater and acting since she was a little girl, she is very talented and has performed in many plays. Right now she is starring in the Heritage Theater's production of "The Star-Spangled Girl" by Neil Simon. It is a play about a southern girl with down-home values and a love of the USA, who falls in love with a war-hating, protest-loving magazine editor in 1966 San Francisco. It is a GREAT play, that is really funny, and she did AWESOME in it. It runs a few more weekends in Brigham City, if anyone is interested. So here are some pictures I took at the show.
My dad, the artist that he is, painted the set.....
...including this Make Love Not War poster, that looks like a poster, but is actually painted on the wall. Pretty cool.
Here's Sam, and the two guys that were also in the show, at curtain call. We weren't supposed to take pictures, but I did anyway. Then I yelled out "Sam's my sister!!"
This is me and Sam after the show.
And here is Brad and i congratulating our "Star-Spangled Sister"!! Love you Sam, you are awesome!!


Anonymous said...

i need to check your blog more often!! thanks for this blog, cawadon! i felt so special!! i love you!

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