Friday, August 28, 2009

The next Lancina Armstrong!

This morning, I did a 9 mile bike ride, with Chasey in his seat, all around Orem. And you know what? I am dang proud of myself!! It was hard and a great workout, and I was sweating buckets when I was done!! I may still be a fat girl, but I am getting in better shape, and it makes me feel really good to know that I can bike 9 miles, with a kid in tow, without stopping, (except for stop lights). Exercising is hard, but it is doable. Even for a fat girl!!! :)


Karla said...

Is Chase still liking his seat? Obviously! I drove past the Orem Hospital today and saw the path and was remembering all the laps I made with a baby crying or a toddler saying, "let's go home, I want to go home now..." Great job on the 9 miles, that's AWESOME! You are so disciplined and focused. I think about exercising... over a bag of doritos, a diet coke, and brownies. (okay it's not that bad, but close)

Karen Brothersen said...

YOU GO GIRL! That is awesome! Keep it up. You are motivating the rest of us too! Thanks for that.