Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A VERY Busy Week!!

Last week was very busy for the Bowen/Christensen clan. First, we were informed that Adam and Katie (my brother and sister-in-law) couldn't stand it anymore and were going to be induced Monday morning, the 10th. Well, as all of you mommies who have been induced know, just because Doctor says they will induce you at a certain time, doesn't mean it is going to happen that way! If other mommies start labor naturally, they obviously have first priority. So, the 7 am time they first talked about got pushed to noon, then 2 pm, and then finally at 7 pm, they were admitted. Katie seemed to be moving along well, but the babies head was not coming down straight, so they had to use the vaccum. After many more hours then they planned, Jonathan Reynar Christensen arrived in his 9 lb. 6 oz. 21 inch glory at 5 in the morning on the 11th......my birthday!!! So now me and baby Jonathan can celebrate together every year!
the birthday kids!!
And here's baby Jonny with his proud parents.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of my fun Thursday night, but my best girlfriends, Amy, Becki, Amber and Carole took me out to Olive Garden for a belated birthday dinner. They are the best and we had a wonderful time talking, laughing and crying. That's what best friends do!!

So with all this excitement going on, my parents and youngest sister came down for a few days. Which was great timing because Friday, both Adam and Katie graduated from BYU!! But the night before graduation Katie and Jonny didn't sleep much so they missed the ceremony. Adam looked great in his cap and gown though, and we were all so proud! He is the first Christensen child to get his Bachelors!
Here is Adam getting his diploma.
Chasey is so proud of Uncle Adam!!

But, graduation wasn't the only thing being celebrated on Friday. It was also me and Brad's 5th wedding anniversary. Brad did really good and planned us an overnight getaway. He took me to the Anniversary Inn, and we stayed in the "Savannah Nights" room, complete with a balcony, a huge bed, and a jacuzzi tub. It was awesome! And for dinner we went to "The Roof". WOW!!
This was the view from our table! Not too shabby!!
And here we are enjoying our DELICIOUS meal!!
We got dressed up all fancy for our special evening out!

All in all, it was an exciting and wonderful week. Mostly I am grateful for a new healthy nephew, and for the five wonderful years I have shared with my hubby and best friend.


The Jones :) said...

Well gosh...busy week, but no mention of a WONDERFUL dinner out with your bestest girl friends!?!?! Thanks :P

ChasingChasey said...

I am going to edit it right now!!