Saturday, August 8, 2009

St. George

This past weekend we went to St. George overnight for a little getaway. It was fun, but a little more trouble than it was worth. We were a little disappointed because the outdoor pool at the hotel wasn't working, and I ask you, what is the point of going to St. George in the middle of the summer if you can't swim outside?? Well, we got a few cute pictures anyway.

Chasey had his first Twinkie on the way down. As you can see, he didn't get very much in his mouth!
While we were there Chasey discovered a fun game of crawling inside the dresser drawers in the hotel room!
And here are the boys chilling on the hotel bed. Fun times!!


Andrea said...

TOns of fun we are suppose to head down there on Friday! But a bummer about the pool.

Julie said...

Thats too bad about the pool. Chase looks like he had fun anyway