Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thanksgiving Point

So, Thanksgiving Point has a promotion during the month of August where you can get into every venue for only $2 every Tuesday. Despite the fact that the place is PACKED, we took our chances this last week and went to Farm Country with my sister, her four kids, and two daycare kids. CRAZY!!! But still fun.
Chasey wasn't sure what to think of the big horses!
Here was the carriage ride. Brad with Chasey, my 6 year old nephew Dallin, my 9 year old niece Audrey, and one of the daycare kids, Lexi.
Chasey with my other two nieces, Emma, 4 and Claire, 2.
Brad tried to get the goats attention, but they ignored him. Sounds familiar.
And on the way out we got this cute shot with the cow. It was really fun. We still want to try to hit the Dinosaur museum and the Gardens another Tuesday. Anybody want to join us???


Julie said...

Looks like you guys had a fun day. I love how you are so involved as a family and are always doing things together. Kids remember that.

wendy said...

We totally want to go. I'm trying to see what can fit in the rest of the month. Let's chat!